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About Library

  • The Library of Our College Is a Matter of Pride and envy Of Others. It Has A Rich Collection Of More Than 5600 Volume. The Library Subscribes 25 Scientific National And International Journals Of Repute As Well As Chemical Abstract. The Library Is Regularly Updated By Adding The Latest Book’s And By Subscribing To New Journals.

  • Digital Library Is shared with engineering courses is our campus.

  • The Library and Information centre is an education and research resource center (ERRC) with multiple resources which cater to the needs of study and reference for the students, faculty and staff. The Print Journals, E-Journals, Project Reports, Video Lectures, C.Ds, Newspapers and Magazines etc., promote awareness and profundity among erudite. The library has more than 1220 titles which comprise academic, research, competitive and general books. Apart from subject related books, the library also has a good collection of general reading books in variegated fields like :

    • Classics
    • Fiction
    • Biographies & Autobiographies : Relating to great Scientists
    • Personality development (Careers, Placement & Group discussions)
    • Self help (puzzles, brainteasers)
    • Spiritual
    • Philosophical
    • English Language and Training (ELT)
    • Ethics & human values
    • And also books like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Almanacs & Handbooks.