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Minority Cell

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1. The goal is to offer higher education to individuals from diverse societal backgrounds, particularly those from socially disadvantaged groups, thereby promoting meaningful employment and fostering a charitable spirit.

2. To improve academic and social performance, uplift targeted groups, and provide opportunities for their integration into mainstream society.

3. The Cell primarily assists students in their academic growth.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Dr. X. Antro Jennie Professor & HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chairperson
2 Mr.J.N.B.Indu Sekhar Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacognosy Member Secretary
3 Ms.M.Sharmila Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry Member
4 Mr.M.Ajay Rathnam Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
5 Mr. Galanki Bhagath 622185901033 I year Student member
6 Ms. Kuthada Mounika 622185901057 I year Student member
7 Ms. Mohammad Ahmadunnisa 621185901060 II year Student member
8 Mr. Mohammad Shaman 621185901061 II year Student member
9 Mr. Sayed Maazan 620185901089 III year Student member
10 Ms. Shaik Farheenunissa 620185901090 III year Student member