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The Research Department at Sri Vasavi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is proud to have a faculty renowned for their innovative contributions to pharmaceutical research, many of whom hold patents for their groundbreaking discoveries and inventions.

Faculty Patents:
Our esteemed faculty members have been instrumental in developing novel pharmaceutical technologies and therapies, resulting in several patented inventions. These patents cover a wide range of areas within pharmaceutical sciences, including drug delivery systems, therapeutic formulations, diagnostic methods, and biomedical devices.

    Here are a few of patents held by our faculty members:

    4. Dr. V.Bhaskara raju : A Process For Formulating Fast Dissolving Tablets Of Etodolac And Its Composition thereof, Republic Of South Africa Patents Act, 2023/0237

    3. Dr. X.Antro Jennie : Infrared Spectrometer, Government of India, The Patent Office, Certificate of Registration of Design No.378946-001,dated on-08/02/2023.

    1. Dr. P.Narayana raju : Sustained release matrix tablets contains Zidovudine, Indian patent publication No 387/CHE/2007-48/2008

    2. Dr. P.Narayana raju : Long acting formulations containing stavudine. Indian patent publication No 2296/CHE/2009