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Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

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An organization may set up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to handle workplace sexual harassment complaints. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013 in India makes it mandatory


1. Managing Complaints: The ICC is in charge of accepting reports of sexual harassment, carrying out a careful investigation, and making sure that a just and prompt settlement is reached.

2. Confidentiality: It guarantees the privacy of the complainant's identity and the specifics of the complaint.

3. Redressal Process: The committee has ninety days to finish the investigation and send the employer a report with its conclusions and suggestions.

4. Assistance for the Complainant: During the course of the investigation, the ICC may suggest actions to guarantee the complainant's security and stop additional harassment.

5. Training and Awareness: Regularly educating staff members about sexual harassment definitions and the procedure for lodging complaints.

By receiving and handling sexual harassment complaints, ICC plays a vital part in establishing a fair and secure workplace. It also promotes awareness and preventive measures inside the college.

Committee Members

S.No Name of the faculty/student Designation Position Mobile Number Email
1. MRS.K.KALYANI Assistant professor, pharmaceutical analysis Chairperson 9492258595 kalyani@svips.ac.in
2. MRS.M.SHARMILA Assistant professor Member secretary 8106033159 sharmila@svips.ac.in
3. G. SURYAMANI MUKHARJEE Advocate, Tadepalligudem External member 7569070769 Suryamani.g@gmail.com
4. BHAVANA CHAITANYA IV YEAR Student member 9490256492 Bhavana123@gmail.com
5. BURUGULA SIVA PRANEETHA IV YEAR Student member 8025946130 praneethab@gmail.com
6. NAMALA MAHESWARI IV YEAR Student member 7259164832 maheshwari15@gmail.com
7. KOLLI RATNA DEEPIKA IV YEAR Student member 8032628908 Krdeepika46@gmail.com
8. DONGA DEVI PRASANNA III YEAR Student member 9287463109 ddprasanna@gmail.com
9. GOGULAMUDI MERCY III YEAR Student member 6205497136 Mercyg33@gmail.com
10. KARELLA MAHALAKSHMI MANASA III YEAR Student member 9521476985 kmmanasa@gmail.com
11. VANKINA KAVYA SREE III YEAR Student member 7856942130 kavyasreev@gmail.com