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  • Dynamic, Dedicated and Highly Experienced Faculty Of Professor, Associated And Assistant Professor And Others. All the Faculty Members Are Appointed By Selection Committee as Per AICTE-AU Norms..

  • Sno Name Of The Faculty Qualification Designation Profile
    1 Dr. Bhaskara Raju Vatchavai M.Pharm., Ph.D. Professor & Principal View
    2 Dr. P.Narayana Raju M.Pharmacy,Ph.D Professor & HOD View
    3 Dr. Y.B. Manjulatha M.Pharmacy,Ph.D Professor & HOD View
    4 Dr. X. Antro Jennie M.Pharmacy, Ph.D Professor & HOD View
    5 Dr. M. Srinivas M.Pharmacy Professor & HOD View
    6 Mr. P. Rambabu M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    7 Mr. Dhabal Kumar Satapathy M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    8 Mr. S Sumanth Kamatham M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    9 Mrs. K.Kalyani M.Pharmcy Assoc. Professor View
    10 Mrs. M. Sharmila M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    11 Mrs. B. Vijayaambicadurga M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    12 Mr. J.N.B Indu Sekhar M.Pharmacy Asst. Professor View
    13 Mrs. V.Praneetha M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    14 Ms. P.Esther M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    15 Mr. M.Ajayratnam M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    16 Mrs. P.Thirupathamma M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    17 Ms. K. Rajeswari M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    18 Mrs. D.Bindu M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    19 Mrs. T. Yamini Kumari M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    20 Mr. P. Srinu M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    21 Mrs. A.Durga Pallavi M.Pharmacy Assoc. Professor View
    22 Mrs.B. Pallavi M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    23 Mrs.V. Sri Sowmya M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    24 Mr. K. Siva M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    25 Ms.K. Premanjali M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    26 Mr. S. S. S. M. Sharma M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    27 Ms. P. Sravanthi M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    28 Ms. G. Lalitha sarojini M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    29 Ms. D. Shalani M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    30 Ms. E. Karuna kumari M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View
    31 Ms. P. Sasi priya M.Pharmacy Asst.Professor View

    Visiting Faculty

    Sno Name Of The Faculty Qualification Department Name Of The Subjects Thought Profile
    1 N.V.Murali Krishna Raja M-Tech CSE Computer Applications View
    2 S.Krishna Murthy Naidu MBA, Ph.D MBA Soft Skills View
    3 S.K.Dhana Prasad M.Sc,.B.Ed., BSH Applied statistics View
    4 D.Satyanarayana MBA MBA Drugs store management View

    Non-Teaching Staff

    Sno Name Of The Staff Designations
    1 Mrs. R. Satyavathi Office superintendent
    2 Mr. M. Kamal Kumar Office Assistant
    3 Mr. E. Satyanarayana Office Clerk
    4 Mr. S.N.S. Venkata Ratnam Technician
    5 Mr. M. Srinivasa Rao Technician
    6 Mr. Y Kameswara Rao Technician
    7 Mr. S. Raja Sekhar Technician
    8 Mrs. Y. Vijaya Lakshmi Assistant Librarian
    9 Mr. Md. Arif Computer Technician
    10 Mr. K. Sai Kumar Attender
    11 Mr. K. Satyanarayana Attender
    12 Ms. U. Mani Attender
    13 Mr. B.J.R. Prasad Attender
    14 Mr. M.S.S.N.V.V. Gopal Attender
    15 Mrs. V. Jyothi Attender
    16 Mr. O. Prabhakara Rao Attender