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Women Empowerment Cell

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1. The goal is to motivate and empower female students to strive for excellence.

2. The objective is to increase awareness among female students about their rights in occupational, legal, and constitutional areas.

3. The goal is to educate and support women on specific health issues and preventative measures.

4. The goal is to promote gender equality among female students by fostering their understanding and advocacy for it within their communities.

5. The goal is to help female students recognize their strengths and promote empowerment, while also raising awareness of gender equality among male students.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. Y. B. Manjulatha Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Biotechnology Chairman
2 Mrs. B. Vijaya Ambika Durga Asst. Professor, Department of pharmacology Member
3 Mrs. M. Sharmila Associate Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Chemistry Member Secretary
4 Mrs. D. Bindhu Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
6 Ms. P. Esther Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
7 Mrs. A. Durga pallavi Asst. Professor, Department of pharmaceutics Member
8 Mrs. B. Pallavi Asst. Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Analysis Member
9 Ms. A. Bhavani Durga III Year 620185901001 Student member
10 Ms. B. J V N S Kedareswari III Year 620185901010 Student member
11 Ms. Goda B. Ahalya Sindhu 622185901034 I year Student member
12 Ms. Jujjavarapu Saritha 622185901044 I year Student Member