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Library Committee

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1. Develop and submit a budget proposal for book procurement, collaborating with the Academic Committee to ensure accurate accession numbers and accurate recording of procured books.

2. The library plans to increase its collection annually by adding new titles in consultation with faculty members.

3. The library aims to enhance its resources by acquiring top national and international journals.

4. The individual is required to meticulously record book loans and returns.

5. The task involves promptly replacing damaged book covers by arranging for binding services.

6. The task involves annually compiling bound volumes of journals.

7. The purpose is to showcase newly acquired books and journals, along with informative and captivating reviews, for the benefit of both staff and students.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Mr. K. S. Sumanth Asst professor, Department of pharmaceutical analysis Chairman
2 Dr. Y. B. Manjulatha Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Biotechnology Member
3 Mrs. M. Sharmila Asst professor, Department of pharmaceutical chemistry Member
4 Mrs. D. Bindu Asst professor, Department of pharmaceutical chemistry Member
5 Mrs. Y. Vijaya lakshmi Librarian Member Secretary
6 Mr. K. Girish I Year 622185901048 Student member
7 Ms. K. Lavanya I Year 622185901050 Student member
10 Ms. P. Lavanya II Year 621185901074 Student member
11 Mr. V. Aditya II Year 621185901099 Student member
13 Ms. M. Sneha III Year 620185901066 Student member
14 Mr. P. ManiTeja III Year 622185901080 Student member