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ST-SC Welfare Cell

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1. The goal is to provide accessible higher education opportunities to individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, focusing on marginalized groups and empowering them for meaningful employment.

2. The goal is to improve the academic and social progress of specific groups by providing tailored interventions and support measures.

3. Facilitate targeted groups with opportunities and resources to integrate them into the mainstream, ensuring they have access to necessary facilities for their advancement.

4. The Cell's primary function is to assist students in their academic growth.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Mr.K.S. Sumanth Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutical analysis Chairperson
2 Mr.J.N.B. Indu Sekhar Assistant professor, Department of Pharmacognosy Member Secretary
3 Ms.M. Sharmila Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry Member
4 Mr.M.Ajay Rathnam Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
5 Ms. G. Mercy IV Year 620185901033 Student member
6 Mr. Bhukya Ramudu IV Year 620185901012 Student member