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Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Committee

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1.Implement a system to send daily attendance updates to parent's mobile phones via SMS, encouraging students to attend classes regularly and punctually.

2.The text emphasizes the significance of attending mentor's counseling sessions, which offer a supportive environment for students to tackle academic, personal, or career-related issues and find solutions.

3.The text emphasizes the seriousness of incidents of violence, vandalism, harassment, or misconduct towards female students on campus.

4.Individuals found to be violating rules will be subject to disciplinary measures like expulsion or suspension for a specified period.

5.The principal's disciplinary decisions are final and must be respected by all students.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Y.B. Manju Latha Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Chairman
2 Mr. Dhabal Kumar Satapathy Asst. Professor, Department of pharmacology Member Secretary
3 Dr. P. Narayana Raju Professor & HOD, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
4 Dr. X. Antro Jennie Professor & HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
5 Mrs. T. Yamini Kumari Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical analysis Member
6 Ms. P. Esther Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
7 Mrs. A. Durga pallavi Asst. Professor, Department of pharmaceutics Member
8 Mrs. B. Pallavi Asst. Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Analysis Member
9 Mr. G. Phaneendra IV Year 620185901038 Student member
10 Ms. M. Sneha IV Year 620185901066 Student member
11 Ms. D. Pushpanjali III Year 621185901015 Student member
12 Ms. P. Lavanya III Year 621185901074 Student member
13 Mr. K. Girish II Year 622185901048 Student member
14 Ms. K. Lavanya II Year 622185901050 Student member