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Research and Development Cell

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1. The initiative encourages faculty to publish in peer-reviewed journals, fosters an active research environment, and promotes innovation, while also identifying funding and knowledge transfer opportunities.

2. The initiative encourages collaboration between faculty and students in various research projects, facilitates patent applications and licensing processes, and assigns and monitors student projects for successful completion.

3. The role involves promoting and reviewing college research activities, applying for grants for projects, organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops to foster academic exchange and collaboration.

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. P. Narayana Raju Professor & HOD, Department of Pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Dr. X. Antro Jennie Associate professor & HOD, Department of pharmaceutical chemistry Member Secretary
3 Dr. Y. B. Manjulatha Associate professor, Department of pharmaceutical Biotechnology Member
4 Mr. D. K. Satapathy Associate professor, Department of pharmacology Member
5 Dr. M. Srinivasu Assistant professor, Department of pharmacology Member
6 Mr. P. Rambabu Assistant professor, Department of pharmaceutics Member