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Alumni Association

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The primary function of alumni management is reportedly to increase funds.

Services Beyond the Campus

• Career advancement initiatives may involve sharing personal experiences.

• The text outlines various guidance and mentoring initiatives.

• There are numerous opportunities for externships and internships.

• Programs that facilitate job placements.

• General networking activities, potentially involving platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, are essential for establishing connections and enhancing professional connections.

On-Campus Services

• Reunion Event

• The offer includes free training and access to various resources.

• Transition programs, such as orientations and capstone seminars, are essential for preparing students for their future careers.

• Community service programs, involving both alumni and students, are essential for fostering a sense of community and promoting positive change.

• The text is about providing accommodation for visiting students.

Assistance with admission

• Talent Acquisition

• Admission Decision Process

• Orientation and Welcome Events

• Engagement of Alumni with Academic Programs

• Knowledge Sharing and Management

Committee Members

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Mr. P. Rambabu Professor & HOD, Department of pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Dr. X. Antro Jennie Professor, Department of pharmaceutical Biotechnology Member Secretary
3 Mrs. D. Bindu Asst. professor, Department of pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
4 Mrs. B. Vijaya Ambika Durga Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacology Member
5 Ms. V. Sri Sowmya Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy Member
6 Ms. P. Esther Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics Member
7 Mrs. B. Pallavi Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical analysis Member
8 Mr. J.N.B.Indu Sekar Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy Member
9 Mrs. T.Yamini Kumari Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical analysis Member
10 Mr. Chapala Sudheer I Year 622185901015 Student member
11 Ms. Pyla Manimala I Year 622185901086 Student member
12 Ms. Dharavathu Pushpanjali II Year 621185901015 Student member
13 Ms. Periketi Lavanya II Year 621185901074 Student member
14 Ms. Moka Sneha III Year 620185901066 Student member
15 Mr. Guttula Phaneendra IV Year 620185901038 Student member