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Anti Discrimination Cell(SC/ST/BC/MINORITY WELFARE)

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1. The teacher is urging students to maintain a consistent attendance and punctuality, arriving at least five minutes before class starts.

2. Implement a daily system to send cumulative attendance records to parents via SMS.

3. The text encourages students to actively engage in mentored counselling sessions, providing a safe space for discussing academic, personal, or career-related challenges and seeking guidance.

4. The text emphasizes the severity of campus violence, property damage, and inappropriate behaviour towards students, particularly females.

5. The policy mandates the implementation of disciplinary measures, such as expulsion or suspension, for individuals found guilty of misconduct.

6. The principal's disciplinary decisions are final and must be followed by all students.

Committee Members

S.No Name Position
1. Mr. K.S. Sumanth Chairperson - OBC Welfare
2. Dr. X. Antro Jennie Chairperson
3. Mr. J.N.B. Indu Sekhar Member Secretary
4. Ms. M. Sharmila Member
5. Mr. M. Ajay Rathnam Member
6. Mr. Galanki Bhagath Student member
7. Ms. Kuthada Mounika Student member
8. Ms. Mohammad Ahmadunnisa Student member
9. Mr. Mohammad Shaman Student member
10. Mr. Sayed Maazan Student member
11. Ms. Shaik Farheenunissa Student member
12. Ms. Gogulamudi Mercy Student member
13. Mr. Bhukya Ramudu Student member