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Intake Details

The scope of academic activities of the college is very comprehensive. The college offers academic programmes at the deferent levels i.e. graduate and post graduate.

Under Graduation(U.G)

Name of the BranchIntake
B-Pharmacy 100

Post Graduation(P.G)

Name of the BranchIntake
Pharmaceutical Technology 15
Pharm.Analysis & Quality Assurance 15
Pharmacology 15

  • M. Pharmacy Programs at SVIPS : After having tasted reputation and success at undergraduates level SVIPS has ventured to start M. Pharmacy Programs in 2009-10 academic years. M. Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Specialization was started with an intake of 10. In the following academic year two more specializations in M. Pharmacy have come up apart from the enhancement of seats in Pharmaceutics from 18 to 36. The new specializations, were namely Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality assurance and Pharmacology with an intake of 36 each respectively. The course curriculum is well suited to the present day global requirements.

  • The college has instituted a strict academic schedule to deliver the course content in an effective manner. Apart from the regular class work and laboratory works, the students receives all round professionals exposure in the forms of seminars, symposia, expert talk etc., by inviting experts from industry and institutions. The students are given ample opportunities periodically to sharpen their skills in the thirst areas of their respective specialization. The institution is providing ambient conditions to promote core professional values along with healthy competencies among the students. This enables the students to put up right efforts in the program to forge as a competent individual in order to make a significant contribution to the pharmacy field.

  • Due gravity is given to the course dissertation work.Every student is supervised meticulously by an experienced faculty to carry out novel research works in their specializations.The college takes utmost care on each and every student,through out the curriculum,to unpathom the hidden potential.A congenial atmosphere prevails between all to reach the vision.